The Battle for the 2012 MVP

The playoff is near and the 16 teams who's gonna be playing are feasibly obvious. But in all those team only one will be selected as the best player for the season. Lebron, Durant, Kobe and Love are the few names who's reigning and racing for the title.

This is the latest ranking as of now:

1--Kevin Durant
2--LeBron James
3--Kobe Bryant
4Kevin Love
5Russell Westbrook
6Dwyane Wade
7Dwight Howard
8Tony Parker
9--Chris Paul
10--Dirk Nowitzki

Durant: who's on the top now, lechoke!
Lebron : who cares, you won't gonna reach to Finals anyway

Love : only one Kevin will get the MVP... its time to finish you off..
Durant : little one, you're not enough.. stop tickling me

Kobe :  don't let me use my kung fu... no one else deserves to be MVP than me
Lebron : oh yeah!

Lebron : whhhhaaat Kobe is gay?
Kobe : ohh I love the  bicep.. 

ok Durant, where's my shoe? where you hide it?

Kobe :  Hey bro.. why so sad?.. you feel Lebron will take the MVP?
.... don't worry I'll win it for you

Kobe: you know I like white balls?
Kevin : what white balls?

Kobe : How do you like my Facial dunk, lebron?
Lebron : huh? it didn't even affect my face

Durant : What? Westbrook will steal the MVP from me?
Lebron : yes... so keep on hogging the balls and don't let him score.. 
he envy you..  ( fools, I'll make rift on both of you .. hehe )

Durant : how does it feel to win a MVP?
Kobe : nahh... making me feeling old everytime I won it

Durant : see you in the Finals, lechoke 
Lebron : try to win first against Dirk before dreaming to Finals

Love : Hey, even I don't win the MVP... I'm still one of the best 
Lebron :  that's nice to hear... you already accepted I'll be the MVP

MVP What???
you all fools.. I'll be the MVP for sure.. hehehe

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