Chicago Bulls Funny Moments 2012

nyeahhh!!! you won't get that ball Noah... you can never be good as me

ok its my turn to fart, who will try to beat me this time?

wooohhh..! that's scary... can we do something?

here comes the Drunken Master Dunk... show me your master?

hey, watch out for the ball... wait.. are you touching my ass?

my shining teeth will stun you...

I can't believe even this little fella will humiliate me... huhu.. I'm so useless

that's ugly... no I don't mean the shot.. ''your face

what happened to D.Rose face? is there a string in his lips and the ball

wait Dwight.... this is not  the Bachelor Party as you've promised?
why I see there's drag queens dancing here?

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