Boston Celtics Funny Photos 2012

My hero... you saved me , you want my kiss?

who are you? why are you following me? (talking to his reflections)

Wow.. why there's so many heroin here? do you have your bag pack?

I stole one of your Barbies Collection... yes I'm bad.. punish me

hey guys... can you stop touching the ball and watch me dancing here...

yeah Me Garnet.. Me cool.. Me love birds, flowers and human bloods

Damn I'm so good with acting... surely the ref will call offensive foul with this

Rondo I already closing my eyes.. come down kiss me

that's not how you do the swan legs.. you're not fabulous like me

too easy.. call Kevin Love to help you..

tell rose this message.. I'll break his record... what's that record by the way

Ohh Mr.Bird.. its time for you take a bath.. me and you.. you know the old days 

this reminds me my childhood... someone gave me  a black eye... 
because I hogged the ball

you punch like a silly girl like this... 

totally posterized... can you take off that statue

Hello Davis... are you there Davis...?
 want to cry again?... you can't runaway and hide under your mama's skirt

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