Here Comes the PlayOffs 2012

Altanta Hawks Vs Boston Celtics

OMG!! you dropped the ball.. that's not cute..

Allen hit the air wall...

guess where I used my nails?

wow.. didn't know you're good in tango.. ok now your left foot then....

LA Clippers Vs Memphis Grizzlies

this how I do my fade-away...half laying the air.. beat that

it works.. you took out my wisdom tooth.. thanks bro

check out my Spanish Suplex - Gasol Style

Miami Heat Vs New York Knicks

Wade : hey Amare you're mama so ugly.. he looks like Bosh
Bosh : yes she looks like me.. beat that

what a boring game.. knicks is too easy.. I can lay here in the rim all the day

Knicks people.. watch and get amazed

you will obey in my command... you will choke this 4th

you're lin and you're from harvard? don't know that, I hadn't been to that bar

come on james, stop tickling me, you really know how to play defense on me

LA Clippers Vs Denver Nuggets

Kobe : this looks fun, I want to lay down the floor too

The battle of the knuckle heads.. its time to show who's smarter between us

damn, I dropped my dimes... finders keepers

Orlando Magic Vs Indiana Pacers

WTF! what is that thing at my back?

yo bro! listen to my rap yeah... white guy can rap yeah... 

oh wait.. wait.. I have more jokes... wanna hear it, promise this one funny

Cookie!!! I want your cookie

Dallas Mavericks Vs Oklahoma Thunder

come on Dirk.. let us win so I can get my MVP.. promise I'll share the fame with you

stop using me to get the ball, you two sucks

there's a unicorn? oohh I must be high today

I know you're one of my fan... so give me the ball and I'll give you my autograph.. how about that?

Philadelphia Sixers Vs Chicago Bulls

need to find red shirts people... it's confusing

need to take away this ball from this Two Ball Hoggers

no I won't get rape with you two.. 

Utah Jazz Vs San Antonio Spurs

stop telling jokes and tickling me.. can't help to cry

smell my dried saliva... it will makes immobilize for the rest of the game

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