NBA Players in EuroBasket : Lithuania

Donatas Motiejunas

.... I'm the real freddy krueger...
you can never  sleep now because I'll be in your nightmares

ohhh.. what a awful smell in your armpit... I'm gonna faint

please dude ,let me in.. can I?

I have an invisible pipe with me.. I can control the all Rats in here

 Darius Songalia 

come on pal.. is that all you can do..  come let me help you run with the ball...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! can you teach me that move?

stop touching my ass you all homos .. .

Jonas Valanciunas

Dirk: who want's to come to Mavs with me next season?
Jonas: I ... I ...

Ohhhh... this ball is too heavy than I thought

I'm not in the mood to do this.. this makiong me cry (sigh..)

I'm sneaking , hope noone will notice me

we all going to Disney.. yahoooooo!!!!!
...yes I can now meet Obama! 

huhoho!!! wahh wahh!!! huh hoh!!

rape..! rape!!!

no one can touch me... let me get out of here

wahhhhh!!!! run for your life.. the Cursed Ball is coming to kill us..

booooo!!!... cry as much as you can you big baboon...

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