Pau Gasol Funny Photos

tell this to your bros... Suck it!!!

ewww..! what's that smell in your hair.. haven't you washed that for years?

come one Pau, just one kiss... don't cry now..

smell this... and bring this message  to your people in America..

We're all gonna die... run for your lives...!

Please uncle Phil Jackson... promise I will play better..

oohhhh.... that's an awful shot.. I'm sure people in Spain will hate me

ohh mama.. I'm hit by a dump truck!!

noooooo!!!! that's my favorite ball.. why you have to do this..

I'm the new King of Spain... hail before me!!

Mark: hey bro... dad told me you're not my real Bro.. you're an adopted..
Pau : hhhhhhuu... did he?

stop it Pau.. I feel I'm committing incest

hey chicas .. ¿Te gustan los niños? Me encantan los niños también

what??? Kobe is gay?? and the Lakers Boys too?

ohhh.. I touched your butt.. come touch mine too

hey I don't understand you.. do you spoke Spanish or whatever..

shit.. I knew it... this train is not going to Hawaii

I'm making sure I have an extra ball so
I still have a spare when they got a steal.. yes I'm smart

Nooo... I'm not Paul the Octopus and I don't do fortune telling..

Hey girls stop that now.. please pose for your championship photos

I'm cool.. you mad??

I miss my dog I left in Spain...

Lalala...Lalala... Lalala.. its me Pau the Soprano.. Lalala!!!

damn.. the first word he wrote is Kobe...

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